Thanks to the experience gained in over thirty years of collaboration with leading banks and companies operating in the financial sector, the Firm provides its assistance in disputes involving contracts and banking operations...

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The Firm provides assistance in relation to the sale and/or acquisition of companies, businesses and business units. In this sector, the Firm assists companies in every phase of the negotiations, from the signing of preliminary contracts to the closing...

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Credit recovery

The Firm offers assistance for recovery of outstanding claims, in both the pre-litigation and litigation phases, in Italy and abroad. In particular, the Firm deals with petitions for summary judgments ...

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Commercial contracts

The Firm offers assistance in the field of sale of goods contracts, agency contracts, commercial distribution, franchising, contracts for the turkney supply of industrial plants and other forms of commercial co-operation,...

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The Firm has gained in-depth expertise in the field of bankruptcy and other insolvency procedures. In this sector, the Firm assists its clients, both private citizens and companies, for the protection of their rights against ...

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Civil liability

The Firm offers assistance in all cases of contractual and tort liability, including liability in connection with professional activities. The activity regards both the pre-litigation out-of-court phase (negotiations ...

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The Firm offers judicial and extrajudicial assistance on issues relating to competition law, with reference to both Italian and European Union legislation. In particular the Firm provides assistance to companies in cases involving cartels...

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EU law

By virtue of specific academic background of Prof. Stefano Bastianon, the Firm provides assistance and advice on issues relating to European Union law, in particular in the field of competition law, State aid...

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Sports law

The Firm provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance in the field of sports law, at both national and in European/International level, in favor of sports associations and individual athletes. The Firm offers its assistance ...

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Real estate

The firm offers judicial and extrajudicial assistance in matters of lease for residential and commercial use. In particular, the firm deals with the drafting of lease agreements and regulations and disputes ...

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Family law

The Firm offers its judicial and extrajudicial assistance and advice on family law dealing with separations, divorces, family property regime, family business, agreements relating to personal and property relationships between spouses ...

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The Firm provides assistance in litigation at every level of ordinary national courts (Tribunals, Courts of appeal, Corte di Cassazione) concerning civil, commercial, corporate, banking, insolvency and sports matters...

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Bastianon - Garavaglia Associate Law Firm (formerly the Bastianon - Zocchi Associate Law Firm) was founded in 1986 by Sergio Bastianon, former President of the Busto Arsizio Bar Association, and Anna Zocchi. Subsequently, Stefano Bastianon and Simona Garavaglia have joined the Firm as partners.

Over the years the Firm has built a network of external lawyers to offer legal assistance all over Italy and abroad.

By virtue of the experience and skills gained, the Firm is able to offer high-level services to private citizens as well to companies, both in judicial and extra-judicial contexts, in the various fields of civil and commercial law, even in situations involving aspects of International and European law.

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